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AI-101 – Session 01 – AI History & Overview

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Session 01

This session explores the foundational concepts of AI and covers the following topics: 

  • AI History & Overview
  • History and  Notable Milestones of AI
  • Levels and Architecture of AI
  • Technical Terms and Programming Languages of AI
  • Real World Examples

Key Takeaways from the session:

Unraveling the History and Notable Milestones of AI
  • The history of AI traces back to 1950 when Alan Turing questioned the possibility of machine thought.
  • In 1956, the term “artificial intelligence” was coined, marking a significant milestone in AI’s development.
Levels and Architecture of AI
  •  These are three (3) different levels of intelligence that describe the capability of AI i.e. ANI – Artificial Narrow Intelligence, AGI – Artificial General Intelligence, ASI – Artificial Super Intelligence.
  • While Narrow AI has been achieved, General and Super AI are still in the realm of possibility and have not been achieved yet.
  • High-level architecturally imagine AI as a black box, where inputs undergo algorithmic processes, leading to meticulously analyzed outputs.
Technical Terms and Programming Languages of AI
  • Mastering AI requires familiarity with key technical terms and programming languages such as Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning serve as fundamental building blocks, shaping AI’s capabilities.
  • Python, R, Java, and C++ emerged as essential programming languages, fueling the development of intelligent systems.
Real-World Examples: AI in Action
  • AI is not just a concept; it’s a force that actively shapes our daily lives. Witness the power of AI through real-world examples, such as robotic dogs that merge AI algorithms with sensors for intelligent interactions.
  • Explore AI’s linguistic prowess through voice assistants, breaking down language barriers and making communication more seamless.

📚 Resources Shared in the Session:

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کسی بھی غیر انگریزی بولنے والوں کے لیے یہاں سیشن 01 کا اردو/ہندی ورژن دیا گیا ہے، انگریزی سب ٹائٹلز کے ساتھ ، یعنی اےآے کی تاریخ اور جائزہ۔

गैर-अंग्रेजी बोलने वालों के लिए यहां सत्र 01 के लिए अंग्रेजी उपशीर्षक यानी एआई इतिहास और अवलोकन के साथ उर्दू/हिंदी संस्करण है।

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اگر آپ ہمارے ساتھ اس اےآے کے سفر کا آغاز کرنے کے خواہشمند ہیں تو، سبسکرائب کرنا اور نوٹیفکیشن بیل کو دبانا نہ بھولیں تاکہ آپ مستقبل میں کسی بھی ویڈیو سے محروم نہ ہوں۔

यदि आप हमारे साथ इस एआई यात्रा को शुरू करने के लिए उत्सुक हैं, तो सदस्यता लेना और अधिसूचना घंटी को दबाना न भूलें ताकि आप भविष्य में कोई भी वीडियो न चूकें।

With ❤️ Be safe out there. 

▬▬▬▬▬ Kashi Ahmed

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Last modified: May 11, 2024

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