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AI-101 – Session 03: LLM Tools – Text-To-Text (Chat)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Session 03

This Session explores the Text-to-Chat Language Model tools focusing on ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Claude2, and Bard AI. & We covered the following topics:

  • What are Text-to-chat LLMs?
  • Examples: Text to Chat LLMs
  • What Makes chatGPT Different?
  • A Series of Text Generation AI Tools!
  • Hands-on Activity: How to use Text to Chat Tools?
  • Homework Activity: Practice Prompts

Key Takeaways from the Session: 

ChatGPT’s Meteoric Rise: The Dawn of Conversational AI
  • In just a few short months since launching in November 2022, the text-to-chat tool ChatGPT has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its fast, friendly, and surprisingly humanlike conversational abilities.
  • But ChatGPT is just one of several new conversational AI tools gaining steam. This article explores the rapid emergence of text-to-chat artificial intelligence, ChatGPT alternatives, and practical techniques for using them.
The Rapid Rise of ChatGPT
  • Powered by parent company OpenAI, ChatGPT dazzled many with its natural language prowess – not just chit-chat, but impressively attempting complex exams like the MBA and Bar exam.
  • Tests reveal ChatGPT’s strengths and weaknesses compared to tools like Google’s BARD, Microsoft’s Bing Chat, and Anthropic’s Claude.
Getting the Most from Conversational AI
  • Explore the official guides provided by ChatGPT to gain insights into effective prompt crafting and communication with the model.
  • These guides often include tips, examples, and best practices to enhance your interaction and get the most out of ChatGPT.
  • Utilize tools like PromptPerfect and the Poe app to practice and refine your prompt-crafting skills.
Exploring More Text-to-Chat Tools
  • There are 20+ tools in the market but it is easy to get started with a few of these FREE Tools such as:
  • Chat GPT, ANTHROP/C, Microsoft Bing, and Google Bard.

Note: Watch the full video to see these tools in action and how to easily use them for your work.

Use Cases of Text-to-Chat Tools
  • Automatically generate concise summaries for documents, articles, and meetings.
  • Enhance content quality through text paraphrasing and automate code generation.
  • Summarize code snippets or functions, making it easier for developers to understand and maintain code.
Benefits of Text-to-Chat Tools
  • Text-to-text AI tools significantly enhance efficiency by automating content generation processes.
  • They can quickly produce articles, product descriptions, and other written content, saving time for content creators and businesses.
  • These tools enable seamless language adaptation and translation, breaking down language barriers and allowing for effective communication across diverse audiences.
Concerns and Considerations
  • Potential bias in training data may lead to biased outputs, raising ethical concerns.
  • Misuse of deceptive content, plagiarism, or unethical purposes is a risk that needs attention.
  • Privacy risks may arise from generating content with sensitive information.

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کسی بھی غیر انگریزی بولنے والوں کے لیے یہاں انگریزی سب ٹائٹلز کے ساتھ سیشن 03 کا اردو/ہندی ورژن ہے۔

गैर-अंग्रेजी बोलने वालों के लिए यहां सत्र 03 के लिए अंग्रेजी उपशीर्षक के साथ उर्दू/हिंदी संस्करण है।

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اگر آپ ہمارے ساتھ اس اےآے کے سفر کا آغاز کرنے کے خواہشمند ہیں تو، سبسکرائب کرنا اورنوٹیفکیشن بیل کو دبانا نہ بھولیں تاکہ آپ مستقبل میں کسی بھی ویڈیو سے محروم نہ ہوں۔

यदि आप हमारे साथ इस एआई यात्रा को शुरू करने के लिए उत्सुक हैं, तो सदस्यता लेना और अधिसूचना घंटी को दबाना न भूलें ताकि आप भविष्य में कोई भी वीडियो न चूकें।

With ❤️ Be safe out there. 

▬▬▬▬▬ Kashi Ahmed

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