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Facebook “Message That Matter” Vs. Google Gmail/Wave

Facebook new Message system versus Google GMail and Google Wave – Kashif Ahmed thoughts!!!!

Well, here is another initiative by Facebook, innovating the way we communicate each other. Facebook has announce today how their concept of “a Person and a Message” have led them to “new Message” framework development.

Sounds like now every facebook user can have email address. It’s not an email alternative, but a new way to organize your communications among friends and networks. Look at the following video to view the details.

Would this be new Gmail Killer?

— I don’t think so. If it is not the eMail alternative then I don’t think it can replace emails or get into corporate environment.

We have seen Google Wave initiative failed already, so I am not sure how Facebook new Message will survive. Google also introduced “GMail Priority Mailbox”  recently, which I personally like, but haven’t seen lots of value of it yet. I guess, I need to give it more time to collect data on what is more important to me and what is not.

Finally, regardless of Facebook or Google, my concerns about privacy and data mining always disturb me, though the companies says they do not do data mining (I don’t believe it).

For Example:

With GMail Priority email, now Google knows who I talk more, how often, and what. With Facebook new Message, they knows who is my friend, what medium I use to communicate with them the most (e.g. chat, sms, message etc).

The only thing that scares me is, all my data is residing on their server, and God knows what is happening on that data and who has access to that. We are living in the world on Information Technology, where if you have online presence then nothing is private about you.

— Let’s see what else to come next … I would love to hear others thoughts on this…

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Last modified: March 4, 2023

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