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Why does an organization need or opt for CRM?

If one would conduct a survey on the use of CRM,it is highly possible that the results would
include concerns from Organizations. Mostly shortcomings on expectations and on the way it is managed from the part of the users and the implementers.In spite of all this, organization feel the need for
CRM and rightfully so, as it enhances your all important, customer service delivery.

Outlined below are some of the major reasons, why Institutions feel the need for CRM. I will be mentioning customers in my points below, as these aspects cover private and public sectors:

  • Building perceptions of your Organization

This involves, using the collected data on your prospects or customers to convert it into actions that change your organizations outlook

  • Customer orientated focus

Ensures that your employees are focusing more on your prospects or customers.

  • Integrating your internal processes

It allows you to build the bridge between your other business systems, so that data can be shared seamlessly

  • Solutions for increasing leads-Falling sales for corporate / Falling converting leads to opportunities

Allow you to establish processes, which can identify and capture leads that can be converted into opportunities and customers

  • Competition

With the changing technology, response times have set new parameters and expectations. The need for CRM is most critical here, as it helps you reduce turn around and response times to your customer requirements.


The above is an indicator that, the CRM pros clearly out weigh the cons and build the need for the application in today’s competitive market. Besides,research has proved that, “Customer” rates at 92% as compared to other success factors like Financial, Employees, Organizations, Supplier and physical assets.


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Last modified: February 28, 2023

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