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Delivery Management App for Salesforce (FREE)


The is simple app to demonstrate the Salesforce Platform capabilities. The app allows you to capture Delivery Confirmation (Proof of Delivery) within Salesforce using any mobile devices, take a picture of a delivery item, get an eSignature from the customer, and mark the geolocation where package was delivered on one screen. Check out below video overview, use case, and how to install this FREE open source app in your org and get started!

QUICK Demo Video SHOWING how the app works:


Business Problem:

Universal Container is having the following business challenges with their current need to effectively track the deliveries a driver make every day.

  • Too much paper work for Driver and Staff to track deliveries
  • Information exists in multiple systems
  • Using Excel to track deliveries information and duplicate copies
  • Not an easy way to track deliveries confirmation and address deliveries issues

They looked at Salesforce platform to address these business issues and provide a solution. They would like to have the following desired solutions to address above problem:

  • Reduction in Paper and get away from Excel
  • Delivery Confirmation – Electronic Signature and tracking of deliveries
  • Better Customer Service
  • Access to up-to date information when needed
  • Mobile and Device agnostic
  • 360 degree view of Successful Deliveries vs. Deliveries with Issues



Their team was able to use the Salesforce platform and build an effective solutions that allowed the driver to:

  • Track his or her daily routes when they login to the app in the morning
  • Check out the associated deliveries and delivery items
  • Get eSignature from a customer when delivered
  • Geo Mark the delivery location
  • Take a picture of delivered item or damage
  • Instantly put the information in Salesforce and not need to do any manual steps.

Developer was able t build the this simple app in short amount of time and using just three objects. i.e.

DM App Object Structure

  • Route > Display the daily available routes to the driver
  • Delivery > Display all the deliveries related to selected route and associated customer
  • Delivery Items > Display one or more delivery items associated to a single delivery.

Driver will see all the workflow on single page “Delivery Confirmation” Visual Force Page in their mobile device where he/she can to record delivery confirmation and get customer e-signature location will be auto marked on customer location he can also put the image on delivery item.






The source code is available on GitHub Feel free  to use it for your personnel use. i.e.

Feel free to leave your comments if you like the app or any other features you would like me to add.


Disclaimer: The words are my own and doesn’t represent This is a personal blog to share my passion and experience with Salesforce platform.

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Last modified: January 3, 2024

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